Cedar Vale High School Internship Work-Study Program For High School Elective Credit Objectives

The 21st Century Educational Commitment to all individuals in high school includes the goal that all students will graduate from high school College and Career Ready. Regardless of the direction a student chooses, they must make their own decisions and an educational plan in place to meet the goals and provide a learning structure.

The Cedar Vale High School Internship Work-Study Program allows students with paid jobs and/or unpaid internships to prepare for the world of work AND earn high school elective credit.

Students in good standing and on-track for graduation are permitted to take advantage of flexible hours and flexibility in the number of credits that can be earned. The program also provides documentation that supports Career Based Skills and verification and accountability. Program Requirements:

❏ Parent Approval/signature

❏ Student Program Acknowledgment Agreement /signature

❏ Internship/Work-Study Business Partner Approval/signature

❏ Guidance Counselor Approval/signature

❏ Principal Approval/signature

Hourly Requirements for Elective Credit (based on the district calendar): ● 30 hours per nine week grading period/ per course hour = 1/4 credit (total one credit per year) with administrative Verification

For paid Work-Study verification, students will provide the school with their paycheck information, listing hours worked, tax deductions, etc. Confidential or sensitive information may be blacked out and copies will be made and filed in a secure location as evidence supporting the credibility of Work-Study hours and awarded credit.

For an Unpaid Internship, students must use the provided hourly log-in sheet on which the business or agency partner will initial daily, and signed by both student and business supervisor at the bottom of the form when submitting to certify the total number of hours worked/logged.

Hours must be verified bi-weekly of each quarter as per school grading periods. Special circumstances may be considered when approved by the administrator. Students must complete a semester presentation to a school committee at the conclusion of each semester. The presentation will include job related skills and reflection.

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