We are once again supporting students' reading with Scholastic Book Campaign. Our students have loved receiving these books for the past few years. The support of our friends and family has been outstanding and has ensured each student has a new book each month!  Through this campgaign, your donation provides a prek -5th grade student  a monthly book at their grade level. What a great way to brighten a students' day and promote lifelong readers! Thank you to all of our supporters as the following teachers have meet their goal:  Mrs. Wachter, PreK ; Mrs. Shockley, Kindergarten; Mr. Owens, 1st grade and Mrs. McClure, third grade ! Just $10. provides one student with a personal book for each month for the 2021-2022 school year. Click a link and Scholastics will help you through the steps. THANK YOU! #purplecrush #TCVC 

Mrs. Green 2nd:https://shop.scholastic.com/vi...

Mrs. Mitton 4th : https://shop.scholastic.com/viewCampaign?campaignId=2e648927-42dd-4d7b-82a9-337a75920a46 

Mrs. Bliss 5th:  https://shop.scholastic.com/viewCampaign?campaignId=76ce4e7d-f1e2-4871-a3ef-39a2acd45f60